Keep the music lover in you with these musical instruments


Music is a natural healer and stress reliever. Along with songs, musical rhythms also play a crucial role. If you are a music lover or a music lover, then you should own at least one musical instrument. We bring you flawless musical instruments so that you can keep the music lover alive in you. Call your friends and family to enjoy an evening of music.

1. Condenser microphone

This condenser microphone is omnidirectional and comes with a cable. It is perfect for recording songs and rhythms of the musical instrument you are playing with. The microphone is compatible with smartphone, camera recorder, DSLR, desktop computers and also audio recorders. What are you waiting for? Start your musical journey early.

Price: Rs. 1995

Offer: Rs. 710

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2. Pair of JBL Full Range Powered Monitors

Loudspeakers are mandatory for busy jamming sessions. Help your guests discover the musical rhythms with great sound quality. It has a class AB power amplifier for greater precision and low sound distortions.


Price: Rs. 30,735

Offer: Rs. 12,999

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3.Acoustic Guitar Kit

This guitar kit comes with a guitar, guitar bag, strings, pick and strap. The innovative design of the guitar will deliver better sound quality. The glossy black finish of the guitar will make you feel like a rockstar. Basswood binding, wood construction, gear tuning and steel strings will make you an unstoppable musician.


Price: Rs. 6495

Offer: Rs. 2350

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4. Mouth organ

This mouth organ is moisture resistant and has plastic combs for better sound quality. The materials used to make this mouth organ are safe and non-toxic. What else? This mouth organ is perfect for beginners who want to start their musical journey. The mouth organ comes with a folding case which is portable and protects your mouth organ.


Price: Rs. 790

Offer: Rs. 339

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5. Casio

This black casio has piano style keys. It is an ideal musical instrument for beginners. It also has a large LCD display and a simple user interface. It contains Indian tones and rhythm which is versatile. Now you can compose your own songs in a jiffy.


Price: Rs. 7,995

Offer: Rs. 7,595

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Start your musical journey and don’t forget to add effects to boost your performance. Sing, record and make your musical journey an eternal journey. Don’t think too much! Take these musical instrumentals and create your own music studio at home. Jam with your musician and groove friends to mind-blowing songs and musical beats.

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