InsTube is a Free Video Downloader and Mp3 Converter for Android


InsTube is a video downloader application designed for Android smartphones. The app allows users to download music and video content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and other popular websites.

InsTube is a great app for securing, downloading, and storing video and music files on your Android device. This app is 100% free and secure, and it does not require registration. Users can enjoy all the features of the app without spending any money or creating an account.

Features of the InsTube app

It’s free – You can download videos from popular video streaming sites and social media platforms anytime without needing an account upgrade. The application is already premium as is. All you need to do is download it from Uptodown or, and you can instantly download, stream, convert, store and play music right on your Android mobile.

Ensure your privacy and security with Video Locker – Video locker secures the location of your video and mp3 files. It protects and stores your important music and videos. This feature creates private storage space for your media to ensure the confidentiality of personal information.

How does this feature work? The video locker offers a security option. It prompts users to create a security pin for accessing their media. Anyone trying to open a video or mp3 must first enter the correct combination of numbers before they can view the file. This helps to increase the security of your mobile phone. No one can see your personal files if they don’t know the password.

Supports HD videos – Usually HD videos such as media over 720px cannot be played in average player. Even the leading VLC player for Android chokes and crashes when used to play HD videos. InsTube overcame this problem. InsTube can download and play high resolution videos with no problem. You can say goodbye to hanging phone and loud croaking if you use InsTube.

It’s quick – You can download videos at the maximum speed. InsTube removes speed limiters imposed by your Internet service provider. It optimizes your network connection so that you can finish your download in the shortest possible time.

Easy to use – InsTube is designed with an elegant interface. This app uses a simple three step process. It doesn’t complicate matters. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video you want, paste the URL into InsTube’s download field, and click download.

Free malware and ads – Most video downloaders are not secure. The apps would claim that they are safe, but in reality, they are media for malware infection. These secure media downloaders can attach malware in the downloaded files they process and from the advertisements they send. With InsTube, you don’t have to worry about infection because it doesn’t support ads that send viruses and malware to Android phones.

It is also a converter – So, you might have thought InsTube is just a video downloader. You are terribly wrong. InsTube can also convert videos from YouTube. It can transform wave, video or flv files to mp3.

Features Live streaming – InsTube can live stream videos and mp3 files from top video streaming sites and social media platforms.

InsTube is a great app for Android. This app is free, 100% safe and user-friendly. InsTube is an all-in-one package as it simultaneously serves as a video downloader, converter, and media player.

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