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The abundance of content on Instagram has never ceased to amaze. It’s easy to get lost in the midst of this content and most importantly not have time to save it.

Agree that it is much nicer to keep inspiring and exciting content on your favorite device than it is to constantly connect to IG, which also requires an internet connection.

But the problem is, downloading content isn’t easy, at least before.

Fortunately, now there is a safe way to download the content you want with web platforms.

Here I show you the most commonly used and safest downloaders of any Instagram content. You are free to choose what works best for you and enjoy the stored content anytime, anywhere.

Web platforms for saving IG content

Photo / video

There are much easier ways to download Instagram video or an image than installing additional apps that may damage your data or device.

1. Bigbangram Saver

For example, Bigbangram content saver unloads videos with pictures for free and in a few simple steps. It is a web tool that works online; so you don’t need registration and, of course, installation.

The tool is easy to use. All you need is an internet connection to load the page. Use it instantly and on any device to record your favorite IG media content.

Besides, you can save instagram photos of a GI profile at once, by choosing “All the content of the profile”. This makes it very easy when you need to get all the user’s messages at once, rather than uploading a photo or video one by one.

2. Download Instagram videos

The service is developed to download Instagram videos only. It works with an Internet connection. If you are collecting the most useful guides from your favorite blogger then this is the right tool for you as it will record video in high quality and for free at the same time. Do not hesitate to try it because it does not require any installation or registration.

Download Instagram videos - screenshot

3. Gram save

The tool downloads a user’s (or yours) content in bulk and separates photos / videos or even a slideshow! The tool is easy to use and does not require any complex task to download the content (a usual copy and paste scheme). It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Best Instagram photos - screenshot

4. Download Gram

The tool is compatible with pc, mac and android. So, you are free to choose the most reliable device to get your favorite content.

By the way, have you ever used a new IG Reels feature? If so, then you know how useful these 15 second videos can be. Sometimes it is also worth saving a couple so as not to lose.

DownloadGram - screenshot


Maybe this content is now more popular than photos and videos on the News Feed, but we all know the biggest downside to Stories – just 24-hour uptime. It is easy to search Instagram story download tools on google, but finding the safe ones (and downloading stories quickly) takes some effort.

Here are some tested tools for downloading stories.

1. Bigbangram Story Saver

I already mentioned the Bigbangram service tool for uploading individual photos and videos at the start of this article, but it also has a story uploader. You can get any active user story for free and quickly so that you don’t lose it and can browse through it anytime in the future. Record on any device without registration.

Download Instagram Stories - screenshot

2. Story downloader

Use the tool with internet connection and get exciting stories or highlights to your device with one click. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can browse Stories without downloading. The platform is famous for its logical and simple interface.

Instagram story downloader - screenshot

Apps to download Stories on iPhone and Android

Using a third-party phone app is not always the best solution. But if online platforms aren’t your format at all, try using these proven apps.

iPhone: Story saver for me

The tool can download and browse stories anonymously. What’s more, you are free to choose any content to get: photos, videos, highlights and create “My List” from the stored content for quick access. The app is paid but has a 7-day trial version and doesn’t require you to log into your Insta account.

Story Saver For Me- Screenshot

Android: story saver

The instrument is designed only for viewing and recording stories and IGTV on Android. You can receive media content on the device, repost it on IG with the tool and tag interesting profiles to get new content.

Story Saver for Instagram - screenshot

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