HTTP Downloader lets you download dozens of files simultaneously


HTTP Downloader is a multi-part open source download manager for Windows that allows you to maximize download throughput. It can work well with FTPS and HTTPS protocols. It’s a clean and organized interface that’s fully usable for most users.

It is quite capable of opening numerous connections at once consuming negligible system resources in the process. You can have full control to start, pause, stop and queue around 100 downloads at a time. As a user, you can also divide each download into 100 parts representing 10,000 connections.

HTTP Downloader for Windows PC

HTTP Downloader is a tiny, light and powerful download manager that allows browser integration via extensions (available for Firefox and Chrome browsers). It can help you drag and drop links into the main program window or you can add URLs manually.

How to run and use HTTP Downloader?

You can download the app from its official website. From this link you can download HTTP Downloader for 32 bit, 64 bit and also add it as an extension to browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

For quick access, you can activate the toolbar from the View menu. File menu is used to add URL to download or save, import and export download history. The drag and drop option is used to initiate new downloads. The main pane provides queue item numbers (number of downloads), file names and types, downloaded file sizes, and a progress bar to show download status.

HTTP Downloader

With the edit menu you can start, stop, pause, restart, active pause and stop all downloads. You can resume interrupted downloads. If a particular download requires a server connection, you can log in with user credentials for authentication. You can also copy URLs, delete, delete and rename downloads.

You can also find a download by searching for its URL or filename with the ‘Look for’ possibility in the ‘Tools’ menu. You can also add usernames and passwords for servers with the dedicated login manager. You can set default download folder, select active number of downloads, global speed limit, FTP, server and proxy settings.

HTTP Downloader

You can also quickly access the download list with the system tray program. It can also be used to add URLs and access option panels. The HTTP downloader context menu offers the same options as the ‘Edit’ menu. The program also checks if a file is already present in the download folder. If available, it skips downloading the specific file. If the file is not present, the file download starts as usual.

Using HTTP Downloader for Firefox and Chrome extension

The GitHub page can provide the official extensions for Firefox and Chrome. It is then used to capture URLs from the browser and send them to the HTTP downloader. Make sure the server addresses are the same in the extension and the program. You need to open the ‘Options’ menu, select the ‘Waiter’ tab and check the box next to ‘Activate the server’. Also, you need to enable the ‘Replace browser download manager’ possibility to get the URL.

You can also manually copy and paste to add downloads to the program. With the ‘Show add URL window before download’ option, you can view the download URL and folder before the download is sent to the program. You can also use the RegEX filter and set login credentials, with this window, if needed by the server.


HTTP Downloader is a simple utility that allows you to download thousands of files at once with negligible impact on system resources. It comes in a clean and simple GUI, allowing you to control files from other sources. Download this small application from the official site.

Why do you need an HTTP downloader?

Before answering this question, let’s first understand what HTTP download is.

HTTP download is a method that fetches files from servers on the Internet. It downloads all the images, graphic elements and associated files from a web page using the HTTP protocol.

Now why would you need a downloader? If you are a person who regularly downloads files, such as online research papers, software, apps, games, or anything that requires downloading from a website, a downloader will help you with this task. . An HTTP downloader or also called download manager helps you download files faster. You can download multiple files simultaneously. You can even schedule the download. A downloader downloads files when you are away. It also helps you to download files when internet service is relatively slow. So, an HTTP downloader helps you save time and effort.

HTTP Downloader

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