Highland Music School in Southwest Illinois Has New Location


For the past three years, Highland Music School, under the direction of Angelina McLaughlin-Heil, has served Highland and the surrounding communities.

The school, located at 180 Woodcrest Drive in Highland, offers professional individual and group music lessons and education.

the Highland School of Music started in a rented space inside the Olde Wicks factory.

McLaughlin-Heil said, “I wanted to have a professional space to teach music lessons. I had other friends teaching away from home, which isn’t always the best learning environment. We got together and created the Highland Music School, which provides music education in the Highland region. “

A graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where she attended the Quartet Fellowship with Distinction, among others, McLaughlin-Heil received her degree in Music Education. In 2015, she received her Masters in Conducting from Illinois State University. In addition to teaching, she has also founded and performed in several orchestras in the St. Louis area.

“Highland values ​​art and that’s what attracted me to this community,” she said.

The success of the program forced McLaughlin-Heil to find a new, larger home for the growing school. The new location on Woodcrest Drive offers several soundproof rooms for individual instruction and practice with larger space for group performances.

“While there were some improvements to be made, the building was already perfectly located for our needs,” said McLaughlin-Heil.

the Highland Music School is available to residents of Highland and surrounding areas. They offer private and group music lessons for all instruments, including voice, from ages 4 to adulthood.

The fall session also includes several specialized sessions, including Babies to Note, Toddlers to Note and Pre-Kindergarten to Note. Young children will learn focus, discipline, fine motor skills, cooperative skills and a “lifelong artistic expression”.

“The school is designed for both serious students and those learning for an outlet for creative expression,” said McLaughlin-Heil. “Students range from those in school who want additional instruction to adult adults who have always dreamed of learning an instrument.

She added that Highland schools have a “wonderful music program” and her school builds on the lessons learned.

Future goals

McLaughlin-Heil and Highland Music School ultimately hope to create the Highland Youth Orchestra. Once that is underway, she then hopes to establish an adult youth orchestra.

“Our goal is to have the full spectrum of qualified musicians playing for the community,” she said.

Other goals include the incorporation of different art mediums and musical theater classes into courses offered throughout the year.

Currently, the Highland Music School works with the Highland Arts Council and the Highland Public Library.

Said Rich Knebel, Director of Loans, National Bank of Bradford, said: “I really enjoy working with clients like Angelina. His vision for Highland Music School was clear and his commitment to making it happen was never questioned. As a community bank, we love to work with small businesses, which in turn serve our local community.

To register for classes or more information about Highland Music School, visit www.HighlandMusicSchool.com.

This story was originally published November 2, 2021 12:00 a.m.

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