Hellesdon teenager urges people to donate musical instruments


Teenager with rare genetic condition urges people to donate unwanted musical instruments to involve more people with disabilities.

Electric Umbrella is a charity that collects and adapts used musical instruments to make them more accessible to people with disabilities.

Among those who benefit from the association’s support is Charlie Pinner, 16, who lives with a rare condition called Williams syndrome.

Charlie, from Hellesdon, first got involved with the charity during last year’s lockdown and now supports the charity’s call to collect 1,000 instruments by Christmas.

He said: “Electric Umbrella has encouraged me to sing, dance and make my own music with a lot of different instruments. It means I can have conversations and make friends with all kinds of people all over the world.

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“The guest musicians the association works with are really entertaining and we get to ask them questions about their music, life and other interests.”

Her mom Cheryl added, “We love seeing Charlie interacting with other kids and artists online. It is a joy to listen and see how well he gets from each session.

“It was fantastic during lockdown because it meant Charlie didn’t feel isolated when he wasn’t in school.”

The Hertfordshire-based charity was formed five years ago to provide a gateway to music for people with disabilities.

It organizes concerts, events and festivals, as well as interactive online musical gatherings for the enjoyment of its members.

And it also recycles and reuses second-hand instruments, either making them more accessible to others or reselling them to finance other activities that it manages.

Electric Umbrella co-founder Tom Billington said: “We believe there is still life in even the oldest dogs and we ask people to donate their unused instruments so that we can use them wisely and bring fun and happiness. joy in people’s lives.

“By allowing people with learning disabilities to take center stage and show off their incredible talents, we aim to encourage people to think differently about them.

“By donating your unwanted and unloved musical instruments, you can be part of a movement to change people’s perceptions and make the world a more inclusive place. “

For more information visit www.electricumbrella.co.uk/1000.

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