Groove Music School offers private group lessons

gBerklee College of Music alumnus Onzalo Arjona moved to Sugar Land from Mexico City when he was 16. It was then that he began to experiment with music, first testing his skills on the acoustic guitar and eventually sticking to playing bass guitar.

Later in life, when his kids were taking guitar lessons on the highway. 90A, Arjona agreed to purchase the store from the previous owner in April 2015, inheriting three teachers and launching Groove Music School. Arjona now employs 13 teachers and has around 300 students.

“[Music is] really a great hobby to have,” he said. “It’s something you can do on your own, something you can do with friends, and of all the activities our kids do these days, it’s also one of the cheapest.”

For four 30-minute sessions per month, Groove Music School charges $120, Arjona said. Lessons include wind instruments, horns, strings, piano, guitar and voice.

The school offers private lessons, group lessons, specialized lessons and workshops.

“Private lessons aren’t always enough because it can be boring,” Arjona said. “Our group program makes music more fun – it adds that social activity – and it motivates them to practice a lot more when it’s [a group].”

Groove Music School offers recitals and other performance opportunities as well as summer camps.

The studio is open to musicians of all ages and abilities. Groove Music School helps students with autism spectrum disorders come out of their shells, Arjona said.

“We are very welcoming to children with learning disabilities,” he said. “We succeeded, and they are doing very well. It’s very therapeutic for them.

Arjona said research shows that music does wonders for brain development because it engages motor skills, intellect and emotions.

“It’s fundamental,” Arjona said. “It’s brain development. Not only that, but it’s very satisfying, it’s fun, and it’s social. If you stick with it, there is always a niche you are going to belong to. There’s always a band you can put together somewhere.

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