Fundraising by a local musician to expand the music school


Aaron Meyer gave violin lessons to Myanmar students through Zoom during the pandemic. Now he is raising funds to reach even more children.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Aaron Meyer, known locally as Portland’s “rock concert fiddler”, is raising money so he can teach more kids around the world how to play.

Meyer’s nonprofit, the Aaron Meyer School of Music, offers private lessons to students at little or no cost, supported by donations. Meyer has been helping young musicians in Portland for several years, and a trip to Myanmar inspired him to expand his teaching abroad.

Before the pandemic, Meyer traveled to Asia and taught students in person. Recently he taught three students in Myanmar through Zoom.

“I teach them every week, my Friday afternoon, their Saturday morning,” Meyer said. “We have this great little program and they take it very seriously. They are looking forward to it. It has given them a lot of hope during this difficult time.”

Meyer hopes the donations will allow him to expand his class to 20 students. He is looking for financial support as well as donated instruments.

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“If they’re in bad shape and need repairs, we can get them fixed,” Meyer said. “We have people who gave us guitars and violins. We took them out and found them a home.”

Meyer’s music lessons go beyond the violin. He works with other musicians who can teach children a variety of instruments.

“The more we can get the kids away from their phones and video games, playing the violin or the guitar, and learning music, I think that’s great,” Meyer said.

Those interested in making a donation can support the Aaron Meyer School of Music here.

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