Fresno School of Music Expands and Adds Second Location in Northeast Fresno


FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — On a donated piano, owner Debi Ruud sings and is grateful to have made it through the pandemic. Now she sees her music business growing.

“We were lucky to have made it through that. And because of that and because of what we’ve seen happen in the lives of our students that we’re able to stay and hold on, that’s got us made me want to bring love and music to another part of our community,” Ruud said.

Work is underway on Fresno Music Academy and Arts North at the northeast corner of Nees and Cedar Avenues.

The owners found the space, which was once a day spa. He is transforming.

“It would probably be a piano room, but it could also double as a vocal room,” Ruud said, showing Action News.

The academy will offer a variety of courses for students of all ages.

“Vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, violin lessons, early childhood music programs for toddlers. And then we’ll see from there,” Ruud said.

Fresno Music Academy and Arts began in the Tower District – the support of this community propelled the business.

“It’s been working really well. So we’re excited to be able to stay there and then grow in space as well,” Rudd said.

Ruud says music has changed his life and the pandemic has given him perspective on what matters most.

Life is short. So do what you feel like doing. You have a dream, do it. And this is my dream. So I do,” Ruud said.

Fresno Music Academy and Arts North hope to open their stores to the public on April 18. Their grand opening will be on April 22.

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