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In this article, we are going to discuss how to download ebooks using two free desktop software for Windows 11/10. Earlier, we covered websites to legally download free eBooks. Now, we are going to mention two free software that allows you to search and download free e-books from various major online book stores including Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Mills and Boon UK and many more. You can also buy paid e-books directly from these freeware.

These free e-book download software provide e-books in multiple languages ​​and e-book formats. Moreover, you can also read downloaded e-books in the built-in e-book reader present in these software.

Download eBooks Using Free PC Desktop Software

Here are the two free eBook download software you can use to download eBook on Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Caliber
  2. Kobo desktop computer

Let’s talk about these free eBook download software for Windows 11/10.


Caliber is popular software among people who love to read e-books. It is a free and open source software that allows users to read, manage, organize and download eBooks on Windows 11/10 PC. It offers a dedicated feature to download eBooks from multiple eBook stores and sources.

You can download e-books from Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Mills and Boon UK, Feedbooks, MobileRead, Smashwords,, Baen Ebooks, Woblink, Ebookpoint, Kobo, Legimi, Virtualoand much more.

How to download eBooks using caliber in Windows 11/10:

Here are the main steps to download eBooks using the caliber software:

  1. Download and install calibre.
  2. Launch the software.
  3. Click the Get Books button.
  4. Enter the book name, type the author or write a keyword to search for e-books.
  5. Select the store from which you want to retrieve e-books.
  6. Right click on the eBook you want to download.
  7. Tap the Download option to download the selected e-book.

First of all, you need to download caliber from its official website and install it on your PC. And then launch the main GUI of this software. It also provides you with a portable version which you can download and use on the go without installation.

Now, from its main interface, tap the get books button that will open the get books dialog window.

Then just type the name of the book you want to search, download and read in calibre. You can also enter the author’s name or search for e-books with keywords. In the left panel, you can select the online e-book stores from which you want to search, retrieve and download an e-book.

After that, when you press Enter or click on Search option, a list of related eBooks will be displayed with their respective information. It shows you the price of the eBook; whether free or paid. Also, you can view the full title, DRM information, affiliation, and cover image of all eBooks in the results.

Now you can select the e-book you want to download and then right-click on it. In the context menu, press the To download button.

In case your eBook is paying and you want to buy it, you can use the Go to store ability to access the online store in a browser and then complete your purchase from the e-book store.

Then you can select an available e-book format (PDF, EPUB, etc.) in which you want to download the e-book and press the OK button.

The selected eBook will now be downloaded in the chosen file format and added to your caliber eBook library.

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You can right click on the selected eBook and go to the View > View with caliber e-book viewer ability to read your eBook.

Apart from that, it also downloads your eBooks to your local device, to a local folder from where you can access them. So you can also read the downloaded eBooks in any external eBook reader software or online service.

Moreover, you can edit EPUB eBooks in this freeware, convert multiple eBook formats, edit general metadata of your eBooks, change book cover image, remove DRM information and much more.

Overall, it’s a great eBook download software that provides lots of free eBooks to search and download. And, you can also search and buy the paid e-books through it.

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2]Kobo Desktop

Another desktop software you can try to download or buy eBooks on Windows 11/10 PC is Kobo desktop computer. It is a free software to search, download, manage and read e-books on desktop computer. It has millions of e-books and comics from around the world to browse and choose from. In its SHOP BOOK tab, you can easily search for the desired eBooks and then download the free ones or purchase the paid ones. After downloading or purchasing, you can read the e-books in this software. Now let us discuss the steps to download e-books through this software.

How to download or buy eBooks with Kobo Desktop

Here are the main steps to download eBooks using this free desktop software on Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Download and install Kobo Desktop.
  2. Launch the desktop app.
  3. Register and login to your account.
  4. Go to the KOBO STORE tab.
  5. Search for your eBook using title, author, series, or ISBN.
  6. Select the eBook you wish to download or purchase.
  7. Click the Add to My Books or Add to Cart option to download or purchase the eBook.
  8. Read the downloaded e-book in its built-in reader or connect an external e-book reader to read e-books.

Now, let us explain the above steps in detail.

First, download and install this handy eBook downloader called Kobo Desktop. Next, launch its GUI and register an account, then log in with your login credentials.

Then go to its SHOP KOBO tab, and here you can browse eBooks in multiple categories. It shows you trending eBooks, bestsellers, free books, new releases, popular pre-orders, latest sports, health and wellness eBooks, love stories and many more.

Now, to search for a specific eBook, type in the search box the book title, keyword, author, etc., and hit enter.

It will show you several e-books with your search query. You can see the price with a synopsis of the eBook. You can filter eBook results by selecting categories, media type, and more.

If the eBook is free, you can simply click on the Add to my books option and add it to your eBook library.

If the book is paying and you want to buy it, click on the Add to Cart Where Buy now button to make the purchase. You can also add e-books to your wishlist to purchase later.

All downloaded free eBooks can be accessed from the MY BOOKS tongue.

You can select the e-book and read it in its built-in e-book reader. While reading the eBook, you can add annotations like highlight, notes, definition, translation. You can also search for specific text on Google or Wikipedia.

It also allows you to configure reader preferences including alignment, margin, line spacing, theme, text style, text size, layout. You can also open and read an eBook in full screen mode and search for phrases in the eBook.

You can even install and configure an external e-book reader with your PC and read your e-books. Plug in your eReader and start reading eBooks downloaded to your device.

It is another good software to browse multiple e-books online and download or buy them. Get this handy free eBook downloader software from here.

How do I download an eBook to my computer?

To download an eBook to your computer, you can use calibre. It’s a great downloadable eBook that lets you find eBooks from various online bookstores and then download them to your PC. You can access the downloaded e-books from the output folder saved on your PC. You can read them on any of the supported e-book readers. It also saves e-books in its built-in e-book library and displays them in caliber e-book viewer.

Can you download an ebook in PDF format?

Yes, you can download ebook in PDF format on Windows 11/10 PC. Use caliber to download eBooks in PDF format. Or, you can also use some free websites to download ebook in PDF format, like Project Gutenberg.

Can I read ebooks on my computer?

Yes, you can read e-books on your computer. There are several free eBook viewers for PC that you can use to read your eBooks in different formats. To name some free eBook readers, there are calibre, Icecream eBook Reader, and Sumatra which allow you to view eBooks on PC.

So, you can easily download eBooks to your PC using free eBook downloader software for Windows 11/10.

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Free software that lets you search and download free e-books on PC

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