Fire destroys Vinton Music building with $100,000 worth of instruments

Vinton, Virginia.UPDATE 9:00 am

The buildings affected by this fire are two-storey buildings and not three-storey buildings as previously indicated. There are now at least three cats that have died in the fire.

Vinton’s first fire truck arrived within four minutes of the call. The fire is now under control but not completely extinguished. There are still no injuries. The fire originated at 101 E. Lee Avenue in the town of Vinton.

This building contained the company DR Music. 101 E. Lee had the roof collapsed and is a total loss. The building is not structurally sound.

Crews are waiting for heavy equipment to safely demolish the building and completely extinguish the fire. 101 E. Lee was built in 1930. 103 E. Lee Avenue in the city of Vinton is home to the business of Edward Jones Investments. This building also had a roof collapse and is considered a total loss.

There was an apartment in this building. These residents are assisted by the American Red Cross. 107 E. Lee Avenue in the town of Vinton is home to Rustic Creations. This building suffered smoke damage.

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The building located at 206 and 208 S. Pollard Street in the Town of Vinton is a building that contains two businesses and approximately three apartments. This building also suffered heavy roof damage as well as smoke and water damage. The Roanoke County Building Inspector is on hand to assess the structural stability of this and other buildings.

These residents are also assisted by the American Red Cross. A total of four apartments, eight adults and several pets have been moved. The Roanoke County Fire Marshal’s Office continues to investigate the cause of the fire and will attempt to provide a damage estimate. However, it may be tomorrow before this information is released.


UPDATE: 5:43 a.m.

Roanoke County Fire Department said eight adults from four apartments were moved as a result of the fire.

The American Red Cross has been notified to assist the displaced persons.

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At least one cat died in the fire. The roof collapsed on the main building which is on fire. Incident Command is concerned that the entire building will collapse and some units may have had to retreat away from the building.

Due to the heavy presence of firefighters and EMS personnel and equipment and also due to the possibility of a building collapse, most streets in downtown Vinton are closed and will remain so for a large part of the morning.


An early morning fire destroyed a music business in Vinton.

Witnesses tell 10 News that they were driving by when they saw smoke and then fire coming from DR Music located at the intersection of E. Lee Avenue and S. Pollard Street.

They called 911 just after 1:30 a.m. to report flames coming from the building. As the Vinton Fire Department works to contain the hot spots, it continued to flare up throughout the morning.

Firefighters said no one was inside when the fire broke out.

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Donnie Ray, the owner of the music store said he had been in business for 39 years. He says there were $100,000 worth of instruments inside the building where he also taught music lessons. Ray says the building is a total loss.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire.

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