Famous music school Takarazuka welcomes new students

Teenage girls dreaming of future stardom in Takarazuka Revue, Japan’s all-female musical theater troupe, have taken the first step in their careers.

The Takarazuka School of Music in Hyogo Prefecture held an entrance ceremony on Saturday, enrolling 40 new students this school year from April.

They passed a very competitive entrance exam with a rate of one successful candidate out of more than 17 applicants this year.

At Saturday’s ceremony, only a limited number of people were allowed to attend due to coronavirus measures.

Attendees and senior students attending the event were also asked to take PCR tests beforehand.

Addressing the attendees, the school’s principal, Nakanishi Tatsuya, said he looked forward to them becoming active members of the Takarazuka Revue in two years’ time when it celebrates its 110th anniversary.

One participant pledged, on behalf of the group, to uphold the school’s motto: “Purity, Honesty, Beauty” and to strive to become a dignified performing artist.

After the ceremony, a new student told NHK that she felt responsible when she imagined performing with the Takarazuka Revue.

She said she wanted to train to become good at singing, dancing and acting.

Students will spend two years taking performing arts classes, such as singing and ballet, to begin a career as a stage performer.

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