Edinburgh School of Music sees rise in lesson cancellations due to cost of living

These students told the school they had to choose between paying increases in energy bills and other household items, or continuing to learn a musical instrument.

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Linda Boyd, Principal of the Morningside School of Music, said: “We have never had so many cancellations by people all citing the same reason.

“Over the past two weeks, several students have told us that they simply cannot afford tuition while all these other hikes are happening.

“It’s pretty clear that some have to choose between the basic cost of living and the ability to learn a musical instrument.

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The Morningside School of Music has seen an increase in class cancellations in response to the cost of living crisis.

“It is extremely worrying for those involved and truly sad for society that such choices have to be made.”

The school, which teaches a range of musical instruments to around 900 pupils across the east of Scotland, fears the cost of living crisis could threaten the arts industry.

Ms Boyd added: ‘With the costs of energy bills and everything else rising so much, there are fears that many simply cannot afford things like music lessons, or even going to the theater or a concert. .

“The sector has only just overcome the Covid pandemic, and many businesses dependent on the arts have not recovered.

Some children may be forced to stop learning a musical instrument due to the rising cost of living.

“It looks like the cost of living crisis could bring even more challenges.”

The director of Morningside School of Musicwho teaches children from the age of four, is also concerned about the impact of the crisis on young people and their academic success.

She said: “It could also have a negative impact on education.

“It has been shown time and time again that young people who learn a musical instrument later do better academically in other key areas.

“If families have to reduce that, there could also be longer-term issues.”

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