Doylestown School of Music closes


The Doylestown Conservatory is closing due to the pandemic. In an email to families and students, the Conservatory’s executive director and board announced that the Doylestown School of Music would close at the end of June, after 34 years.
The Conservatory provided music education services to everyone in Bucks County, regardless of age, ability, or economic status. However, insufficient funding and a dramatic reduction in student numbers, resulting from the pandemic, made this mission impossible to continue.
“With 2020 closing, the Conservatory went to great lengths to ensure we could continue to provide music at a time when it was needed. However, two years later, we are still impacted by the closure,” the email said in part last Friday and again this Tuesday.
“We have had significant changes in our revenue by the end of offsite music therapy contracts, our enrollment is only half of what it was before the shutdown and fundraising trends in the industry at nonprofit have made cuts in which we are no longer eligible for funding.
“Despite the work of the board and myself to find ways to improve our sustainability, including talking to other fusion music schools, we have exhausted all options. Now we have to be realistic “Wrote Rachael Gallagher, Managing Director.
“Therefore, the Board and I are announcing that the Conservatoire will be closing its doors on Thursday, June 30.

“We do not claim to know the depth of shock and disappointment this news will bring to our families, students, community, faculty and staff. This decision was not taken lightly or in haste.

“We are deeply proud of our rich history of service to our community. We can say with confidence that we have accomplished our mission in which thousands of students have been inspired and transformed by their time at the Conservatoire. Our greatest wish for all students and families is to build on what you learned at the Conservatory and continue to thrive with the music in your life.

“We hope that over the next few weeks you will mourn with us, celebrate with us and be proud with us.

“We will provide more information next week on our processes for June. All questions and comments can be directed to Rachael Gallagher, Executive Director at [email protected]

The letter was signed “With sincere gratitude to all of our loyal families and students,” by Gallagher and the Board of Trustees – Bruce Wartman, President, Glen King, Vice President, Chris Pekula, Treasurer, Shannon Kishel, Secretary, Howard Savin, Member, Jamie Catalano, Member, and James Craig, Member.

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