Delaware School of Music gets $10 million endowment

The Delaware School of Music’s Board of Trustees officially announced a new $10 million scholarship endowment on Feb. 7 in what the school says is the largest donation in its history. story.

Kate Ransom, President and CEO of the school, said: “This is a monumental moment that we are delighted to share with the community. A donation of $10 million is incredibly exciting.

The Mary Ellen Northrop Endowment Fund for Music Education will provide eligible students with financial aid for two years, including tuition and instrument purchases, with the first year covered at 100% or up to $5,000. $ per student and 50% or up to $5,000 for the second. year,” said board chairman John du Pont.

Students in public, parochial or private schools would be eligible, but not students in charter schools. All students in the musical instrument and vocal classes could apply, with the exception of guitar. Eligible families must earn less than $150,000 per year and be US citizens. Du Pont said these terms were stipulated as part of Northrop’s trust.

The school plans to begin offering scholarships in the fall of 2022; Ransom said prospective students should call the school to complete the required forms and would then be assessed for enrollment. She said students already enrolled would be eligible to receive scholarships if they met the requirements.

“It’s a huge tool,” Ransom said. “Families who otherwise couldn’t afford it or increase their child’s education due to financial restrictions – it opens doors for them. The challenge is to make it understood that there is an opportunity for more people to get music lessons.

Northrop, who died June 29, 2021 at age 78, lived in Wilmington and made a career as a financial analyst with the DuPont company. She loved music, participated in music programs at local churches and sang in the choir. The Delaware School of Music opened in 1924 and has locations in Wilmington and Milford

Board Vice Chairman Kris Venkatesh said, “Music education and excellence is at the heart of what we do at The Music School of Delaware. This legacy lays the foundation to fulfill this mission for the next 100 years. He said Northrop’s donation shows confidence in the school’s leadership and mission, and will help unlock students’ potential to pursue their dreams.

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