Dayton Public School Music Students Need Instruments

July 16—Here’s an easy way to gift music to deserving Dayton Public School students. Donate musical instruments that are in your basement or attic that you or your children no longer play. Many of us have taken advantage of our pandemic days at home to reduce our possessions.

Each year, in partnership with the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteers Association, Dayton’s full-time public classical music radio station hosts a musical instrument drive. “Instruments collected in good condition are immediately placed in the hands of a young musician,” says Shaun Yu, President and CEO of Discover Classical 88.1FM/WDPR & 89.9FM/WDPG. The project is dubbed “It’s Instrumental”. and over the years over 800 instruments have been donated.

Don’t assume your old instrument can’t be used! Some of the gifts can be repaired or reconditioned. Even unplayable instruments can be sorted by parts.

Yu says the good news is that DPAA’s “Q The Music” program is expanding. “The current curriculum is string-based — violins, viola, cellos, basses — for students at Ruskin Elementary School,” he says. “The new program stretching northwest from Dayton will be based on brass and woodwind – flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones. We’re starting from scratch for instruments.”

Patrick J. Nugent, president and CEO of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, said “Q the Music” has proven over the years to be a pathway to excellent academic performance, high school success, and eventually at University. “Intensive study of a musical instrument It has been shown to open up new neural pathways in the developing brain of children and youth, pathways that then become available for other things that support learning and achievement “DPAA is thrilled to bring the amazing benefits of Q the Music to Greater West Dayton students beginning in 2023. We look forward to announcing later this year the elementary school where Q the Music will be offered.

Children are available in many sizes so 1/2 and 3/4 size instruments are always needed, but so are full size instruments.

The most urgent needs are: — 1/2 and 3/4 size violins, violas, cellos and basses — Flutes — Clarinets — Trumpets — Trombones — Strings — Mouthpieces — Reeds

Donating your instrument is easy. Bring it to your nearest Grismer Tire & Auto Service Center by July 31st. All donations are tax deductible. More information, including a Grismer locator, can be found at

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