Dar artists invited to learn musical instruments


Kwembe said that over the years the number of musical instrument players is decreasing, some of them are dying, while others are old and unable to work.

He said that there is no effort made by artists, especially those in the new generation of music, to learn how to play musical instruments.

The soloist pointed out that the situation is quite opposite to that of the music scene in previous years, when there were many artists who could play musical instruments proficiently.

He expressed his disappointment that the new generation of musical artists were not bothered by the situation.

According to Kwembe, the new generation of musicians relies more on composing songs with studio-produced melodies.

The new generation of musicians continues to play while relying on music recorded on compact discs.

“It’s no secret that musical talent, especially in playing instruments, is declining to a large extent in the country, unlike in previous years when there was a lot of it, this generation is apparently unaware of it. “said Kwembe.

He said that music is literally a special arrangement of sounds from technically played musical instruments, and the sound from these instruments is called music.

“Therefore, my advice is that modern young people should learn to play musical instruments, not just to sing because currently there are few musical instrument players, it is better to produce new musical instrument players music to bring music to life,” he said.

He said the lack of people who can play musical instruments has led to the emergence of people claiming to be next-generation music artists, including those who are unable to sing and play instruments.

Kwembe said the new generation of musical artists mainly use studios to produce their tracks, in which their vocals are corrected and song beats are added to lyrics.

The new generation of musicians later record the songs and post them on social media and brag about knowing the music.

“I think the time has come for young people who don’t know how to play musical instruments or compose, who should send lyrics to producers and let them prepare beats via computer to stop this trend,” he said. he declares.

He said what is made by musicians in studios is just noise, adding that music is made by musical instruments, not otherwise.

Kwembe stressed that it is necessary for young musicians to learn to play musical instruments.

The soloist explained that musicians’ tendency to ignore musical instruments won’t help them reach great heights, instead they should turn to learn how to play them so they can either join bands or be hired to play music overseas, as is the case with him.

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