Cuskelly Winter Music School | Warwick today and Stanthorpe today


By Jeremy Lister

Last week Mom, William and I went to winter school every day at Tenterfield High School. The Winter School is a music school run by Dr James Cuskelly who is also our music teacher at St Joseph, and it ran Monday to Friday 9am to 3.15pm the last week of the June-July school holidays . Every day the schedule was the same. First we went to music with Carla Trott, then had morning tea, after morning tea we went to the junior choir and then to the musical theatre, after which was lunch. After lunch you had a choice of which class you wanted to attend, and if I remember correctly the choices were band, songwriting, music games and string ensemble, but I was always going in string ensemble with Evalyn Legried. After that, it would be a mass choir.

Dr Cuskelly said “The 2022 Winter School saw 100 attendees and 20 staff come together for a fantastic week of learning, music making and music performance. It was so fantastic to see how the students reacted to the music and joined in all the activities. The final concert was a real showcase of the work that had been done by all the participants. We are delighted to have had such high-calibre teachers involved in the program and we look forward to our next program.”

We had a fantastic time at Winter School and can’t wait to go back and maybe even Summer School in Brisbane in January 2023.

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