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Not everyone has the same musical tastes. If you like listening to Indian classical and folk songs, you will not like to listen to modern and bouncy numbers. For these people, learning a Western or modern musical instrument will not be a good idea. Instead, they can opt for classic musical instruments intended for beginners. Like other musical instruments, these classical instruments are not easy. But, they’re great for classical music fans who want a skill to keep busy and happy. You can specifically choose classic beginner musical instruments that are durable enough for rigorous workouts.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and enduring choices of classical musical instruments that you can buy online. Choose from this list according to your musical preferences and practice well to progress from a beginner to intermediate level.


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If you want to choose a bansuri or a professional flute, this one can be a good option to consider. Although this flute is more expensive than other popular options, the durability and perfect audio quality are worth your money. Since this flute has a size of 19 inches, it is suitable for almost any child or adult who is considering professional training for a flute.

Being a C scale flute, it can complement some of the most popular classical musical pieces. As this flute is available with a bag, you can easily store and transport it.

Whether you want to play classical music or folk music, it won’t be a bad idea to learn Dholak. This handmade wooden dholak can be a great option if you are looking for classical musical instruments for beginners. Since this dholak can be adjusted using the screws, you won’t have much difficulty getting the audio quality you want.

This dholak is intended for high tunes and is a durable option to choose from. As it is available with a handle, you can easily position your handle wherever you want in your music room.

Most of the purely classical pieces of music were composed without the use of a keyboard. Tunes are usually composed using a harmonium as the base. So, it won’t be a bad idea to choose a harmonium for learning if you are inclined towards classical Indian music. This harmonium can be a great option for beginners and intermediate players.

This harmonium weighs approximately 12 kg and is available with a bag. So you can protect your musical instrument from dust, dirt, accidental spills and more.

If you want to learn to play the tabla, this one can be a good option for beginners inclined to classical music. This set of left and right tablas is designed to ensure high audio quality and rich rhythms whenever you play your favorite classical or ghazal track on your tabla. The right tabla weighs approximately 2 kg while the left one weighs approximately 4 kg.

The complete combo includes a tabla set, dry bag, gaddi set, hammer and more. So you can play your tabla comfortably and transport it safely.

If you want to go for a heavy wind instrument that requires great control of your breathing, you can go for a saxophone. Although a bit pricey, this saxophone has a professional look and good sound quality to match the expectations of your favorite classical musical pieces.

This saxophone is worth your money and is even suitable for school concerts, small gatherings, stage performances and more.

Look for other reliable options in classical musical instruments here.

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