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In 2018, we introduced you to Ifetayo Ali-Landing, a violinist who had just made her Symphony Center debut with the Chicago Sinfonietta. She was then 15 years old.

Ali-Landing received his training at the Hyde Park Suzuki Institute, run by his mother, Lucinda Ali-Landing, who has had to take all of the institute’s music lessons online since the start of the pandemic.

“I had to be more creative,” said Lucinda Ali-Landing. “All of us music teachers, if we weren’t creative before, we had to do it now. “

Despite internet delays, a student currently in private lessons says she is adjusting well.

“Working with Lucinda made it a lot easier for me,” said Autymn Williams. “I’ve had a relationship with her since I was 3. She’s really good at explaining and articulating in a lesson.”

In addition to private lessons, the institute also offers performance lessons with guest speakers from around the world, as well as educational ‘Chat and Chew’ sessions for parents, where college admissions representatives or professional musicians respond to parents’ questions and concerns.

“Music doesn’t take anything away from your life,” said Lucinda Ali-Landing. “It only adds to your life. When you’re a talented artist, your talent is your ticket.

It was this motto that her children heard growing up that led them to play at the college level.

“People want violists, so that’s your ticket to school,” said one of her daughters, Adjedmaa Ali. “Once you get in you don’t have to continue to be a musician, that’s literally your ticket. They take it, literally take it apart and you’re in it. And you can keep doing whatever you want after that.

“Finding an instrument can be difficult,” said her other daughter, Ifetayo Ali-Landing. “But once you get past that, taking classes is now easier than ever. “

As pandemic uncertainty persists, Lucinda Ali-Landing says the show must go on. Even virtually.

“For people who are really tech-savvy, young people, now is the time to shine and come up with new things they can do with their music,” she said. “It’s time to be an entrepreneur and create your future. “

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Private lessons and performance lessons are just two of the virtual lessons offered at Hyde Park Suzuki Institute. You can browse its full list here.

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