Bypass buffering with 76% off on this video downloader


It can be frustrating when video-sharing sites drop content you intended to watch, or the connection is so bad that constant buffering ruins the experience. There are a number of reasons why your playlist might be downgraded to a wishlist, but there’s a solution for those who want more control over media. It’s called VDownloader.

There are video download apps that can speed up the process, preserve quality, or add more bells and whistles. VDownloader, however, does it all. First of all, the app makes it incredibly easy to grab content from all your favorite video channels. Simply select a single video or an entire playlist of clips and download them with a single click. Once they’re on your device, convert them to the file format of your choice so you can create audio playlists from your favorite tracks.

And when watching these clips, VDownloader automatically displays the video in the highest quality available, although users can adjust it if you’re looking to save space. It also supports movies in 4K and even 8K resolution, and need we mention you can now watch all those glorious footage without buffering issues? Keep subtitles on all your clips and even select your default language choice for subtitles.

PCMag readers can now get a lifetime subscription to VDownloader (for Windows) for $29.99, which is 76% off the MSRP of $129.

Prices subject to change.

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