Brooklyn Music School to Host NEW HEARTBEATS Fundraising Gala

The Brooklyn Music School (BMS) will host the New heartBEATS fundraising gala on Wednesday, May 18 on the rooftop terrace of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum with one goal in mind: to promote healthy arts in the Brooklyn community.

“Brooklyn Music School’s mission is to enable everyone, regardless of background and resources, to experience the joy of music and the artistic and intellectual benefits of the performing arts,” said Brian Adamczyk, Principal BMS executive.

“BMS has been a mainstay of New York City for over a century and is committed to providing high-quality, accessible, and globally influential performing arts education to the widest possible range of students,” Adamczyk continued.

New HeartBEATS Gala

BMS believes that a healthy arts community contributes to the overall mental and physical well-being of the borough while fostering strong community bonds.

Contributions and funds raised at the New heartBEATS Gala will enhance programming and help maintain Brooklyn as a thriving arts community, including early childhood music education, after-school programs, music therapy, dance, musical theater and musical programming in schools and community centers in the borough. and centers for the elderly.

The winners of the New heartBEATS 2022 gala are singer-songwriters Maya Azucenabassist Melvin Gibbs, drummer John Stanier and producer/manager Damon DeGraff.

New to this year’s gala is the Dr. Leon Gunther Legacy Award. Dr. Gunther is an alumnus of Brooklyn Music School, author of “The Physics of Music and Color: Sound and Light”, and Professor Emeritus of Physics at Tufts University. The Legacy Award recognizes members of the Brooklyn Music School community who go above and beyond to commit to the mission of BMS. The 2022 recipient is Hope Kelly.

“I can hardly say how honored I am. Although I am a theoretical physicist, I am also a musician thanks to Brooklyn Music School. I was a student at BMS over 70 years ago and because of my time there “Down, music fills every aspect of my life. I’m sure it will do the same for every student, no matter what path they take in life,” said Dr. Gunther.

The evening entertainment includes a stellar lineup of artists, professionals and students. Melvin Gibbs and Don Mackenzie will perform and Damon DeGraff will speak. Guests will enjoy a violin performance by Dr. Michelle Lie (TESLA STRING QUARTET) and Gloria Lee.

Audrey Borst (BROOKLYN BALLET) will perform a ballet piece and New York painter, Lauren Kelisha Muller, will create a live painting that will be auctioned at the end of the evening. Gala attendees will be able to participate in the live auction where they can bid on a variety of items ranging from guitars, cooking lessons, gift baskets, and more.

Proceeds from the gala will allow BMS to continue its mission of serving the community and providing accessible performing arts education.

For more information on how to donate/buy tickets/become a sponsor, please click here.

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