Boise Blues Society on the hunt for old and unused instruments


Do you have old instruments lying around that you no longer use? If so, the Boise Blues Society is looking for as many antique instruments as they can find to donate to local schools.

“There are a lot of challenges in today’s world and only music communicates things that sometimes people can’t say,” said Sarah Williams, board member of the Boise Blues Society.

For years, the Boise Blues Society has run a Blues in the Schools program where they teach students about the genre, but with COVID-19, the program is on hiatus.

“Music is a big part of art and the humanities and a big part of that is history and the blues is a huge history book,” Williams said. “Right now, because of COVID-19, we’re kind of stuck with that and so in an effort to help somehow we got together and had a meeting and had a chat of their potential needs and their greatest need were instruments for children who could not afford to buy them.

So, they contacted the community looking for unwanted and unused instruments that they could donate to schools and give children a chance to learn.

“Some musicians like to accumulate instruments indiscriminately,” said Ken Harris, board member and vice-president of the Boise Blues Society. “They never came across a used instrument at a garage sale that they didn’t like. There is a guy who wants to remain anonymous. When he goes to a garage sale and sees a used clarinet or a smashed bass guitar and the poor are going to throw it away the next day because they didn’t sell it, he comes to the rescue and took them to his house. “

Ken harris

If you have any old instruments that you would like to donate, you can click here for more information or contact Ken Harris at [email protected]

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