Boch Center Unveils Ernie Boch Guitar Exhibit Featuring Two Dozen Instruments That Helped Shape American Music


The Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame (FARHOF) announces a new exhibit featuring two dozen distinctive guitars from the personal collection of Ernie Boch Jr. The Ernie Boch Jr. Guitar Exhibit, on display inside the Boch Center Wang Theater , includes electric and acoustic instruments, each with a notable history and impact on music-making across several decades and myriad genres.

With the help of artificial intelligence, a hologram of Ernie Boch, Jr. will personally share each guitar’s unique story. A virtual Ernie will answer questions from guests about himself, the significance of guitars in the annals of music, and the relevance of each as part of his vast collection.

Highlights of the exhibit include the Robert Johnson Gibson L-1, 1929, which is associated with Robert Johnson, as he has this guitar model in his hands in one of the few surviving photos of him. Johnson had little commercial success or public recognition during his lifetime (1911-1938), but his musicality is recognized by Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Robert Plant, Bob Dylan and others as a key influence on their own playing. Johnson is known for using the guitar as “the other vocalist in song”, and he is now considered one of the most important musicians of the 20th century.

“The guitar is one of the most important instruments of any musical genre,” said Joe Spaulding, president and CEO of the Boch Center. “Each of these extraordinary guitars gives us insight into famous artists, the music they played and the style in which they played it. These instruments have impacted generations of music around the world, and we are thrilled to share this collection with the world.”

Tours of FARHOF and the Ernie Boch Jr. Guitar Exhibit open to the public on October 27.

The Folk America Roots Hall of Fame is an educational initiative of the Boch Center. These genres of music have historically provided an outlet for individuals of all races, classes, and locations to express their joys and sorrows. Through exhibits, lectures, concerts and more, Boston’s newest cultural destination educates people of all ages about the important influence these genres have on all music today.

FARHOF programming is curated by Deana McCloud and Bob Santelli of the Museum Collective. In addition to the Ernie Boch Jr. guitar exhibit, FARHOF’s five current exhibits include Boston: A Music Town, The Wang Theatre: A Century of Great Music; historic artifacts from the David Bieber Archive and Cultural Heroes sculptures on loan from Alan LeQuire Galleries in Nashville.

Upcoming exhibitions include Daniel Kramer’s Photographs of Bob Dylan (1964-65), which is scheduled to open January 18, 2023, and Arlo Guthrie which opens March 29, 2023.

The Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame is located inside the Wang Theater at the Boch Center at 270 Tremont St. Boston, Massachusetts. Tours are available at the Wang Theater. Tickets are $20 for adults and $12 for children and are available at Customers can find the latest program and book tours at For updates and to join the mailing list for news, announcements and more, visit

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