Bishop’s House of Davenport Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Becomes School of Music | News – Local and National

As a result, talented young people do not get the education they deserve or have to drive elsewhere to get it.

Students in the Quad-City area “find it difficult to qualify for state competitions, especially for stringed instruments,” Lohmuller said. As a result, there aren’t as many Quad-City students represented in the State Orchestra as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or Des Moines.

And, subsequently, many of the members of the Quad-City Symphony Orchestra come from other places, not the Quad-Cities, Lohmuller said. “They literally come by car or by plane and then they are gone. They don’t teach, they don’t play in the area.

“Why can’t we have our own musicians? It’s not for lack of talent to be here,” he said.

“I am fully involved in improving the Quad-City community and developing the arts is one of the ways we do this.”

Finally, Lohmuller hopes that the school will offer lessons to young people whose parents cannot afford it, cannot afford to buy an instrument or do not have the means or time to transport their child to A class.

At the same time, the academy will have to pay its teachers and operating expenses.

Lohmuller, now with Genesis Health Group, is excited to support the academy, with his expertise as a small business owner (president of the former Davenport Surgical Group) and as a senior member. several boards of directors that can help manage people, contracts, negotiations, hiring lawyers and accountants as needed, and building maintenance. He also loves music. He and his wife have been orchestral ticket holders for 29 years and enjoys playing the piano, guitar and singing.

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