Best Video Downloader Websites to Download Online Videos in 2022


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When it comes to downloading videos online, whether on your Android, iOS device or even on your PC, we have seen different ways to download videos especially on Android through video downloader apps like Snaptube and the others. But there are other ways to download videos, and some of those ways are through video download websites. Hence, I decided to list these websites here on NaijaKnowHow, you will find out some of the best video downloader sites to download any videos you want online.

These websites are no different from the video downloading apps that most Android users use, but most of them are not available on PC and iOS, so they turn out to be a good alternative to download videos for free.

List of Best Video Downloader Websites to Download Online Videos

If you want an easy way to download videos to your PC, iOS or even Android, you can use any of these websites by just getting the video link from its original source and it will fetch the video and you will see different formats of the video with a download button prompting you to download.

So now let’s look at these websites and some of the awesome features you can find there. A good thing about these download websites is that they are free and you can use them repeatedly without any restrictions.

1. Y2Mate —

Y2Mate is my favorite website on the list and one of the reasons I love this website so much and will always recommend is that it is free and has so many options to download n’ any video on my PC. With this website, you can download all YouTube videos for free and it also has an option that will let you convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Y2Mate is free and always available whenever you want to use it. I will say that the website is only dedicated to managing all YouTube videos, it is a YouTube downloader and YouTube converter and it also offers different video qualities to choose from before you start a download.

2. DoVideo —

Video Download Websites

DoVideo is another online video downloader and it is arguably one of the best out there. This website is very popular and one of the best things about using it is that you can download videos from different websites and not just YouTube alone, with DoVideo Online Video Downloader you can download videos from from over 1000 different websites by simply copying the video link and placing it in the DoVideo converter.

DoVideo is an alternative to the popular Android video downloader app called iTube and the differences are only minimal in terms of functionality. DoVideo is one of the best video downloading websites and it is the perfect place to download your videos online for free.

3. Zamzar —

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Zamzar is an online converter with more than one feature to explore and enjoy. This website does not download videos from YouTube, but there are other options you can explore. You can use Zamzar to download videos from different websites and you can also convert the video or videos to different file format, Zamzar has a lot of features and that’s why it is one of the websites coolest video downloader.

With Zamzar, you download videos and convert them to GIF, audio, and any other known format. The only downside of using this website is that you can only upload a video up to 50MB in size. But no matter what, this is still a website that you can always use to download videos online for free.

4. Online Video Downloader —

Online video downloader

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Online Video Downloader is another great option to use when it comes to downloading online videos for free, this website doesn’t really have any specific type of websites it supports for video downloading, you just need to copy the video link and paste it into the link box displayed on the websites, and it doesn’t provide options to download videos in different formats and video qualities.

The online video downloader is very easy to use and also has its own extension which you can install on your Google Chrome, Firefox and other web browsers that support browser extensions. Downloading videos from this website is very simple and you can always use the website at any time. . You can visit the website by copying this link into your browser (

5. Save the video —

Video Download Websites

Save The Video will let you save videos from any website online for free and one of the reasons why you should use this website is that it supports video links from websites like as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram and YouTube and any other known site. websites to get videos. Save The Video is a simple website with a nice and very easy to use user interface.

You can always use Save The Video at any time and it also has different browser extensions that you can install to download different videos from different websites. This website is one of the best and it is free to use.

Conclusion (video download websites)

I guess after going through these websites one by one, you will find it easier to download online videos to your PC without stress. Don’t forget to share this article and leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a website similar to the ones listed in this article.

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