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About Best Free Music Download Sites to Download Songs

Subscribing to a service like Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music means you get unlimited access to millions of songs in different ways, it’s like keeping all the songs on Earth. But this illusion only lasts because you have to pay a monthly subscription. When your subscription ends, you immediately lose access to all that music. By listening to the music of many artists without buying every album, people discovered the latest bands. There are many people who don’t know where to download free music. Making this job even easier is the plethora of options available in the form of mp3 music download websites that make newer and older music simply available for your listening pleasure.

Creating an audio track is by no means a one-day job. It can take you days, months, and even years to produce something that only exists in your brain. But with free music online, you can try out different tracks and save production time. Today there are many options to choose from when it comes to finding music online, as long as you know which mp3 downloader to trust. Although the options are many, there are many sites and tools that simply operate at inadequate levels and either deliver poor quality mp3s or are plagued with a bad interface.

Check the List of Best Free Music Download Sites to Download Songs

sound cloud

SoundCloud has three levels of music: Free, Go and Go+. Unlike the entry-level tiers of most competing music services, the free version of SoundCloud has no skip limitations, one of the benefits of the company’s focus on independent artists and any person who loads a popular track produced on a Casio keyboard.

What sets SoundCloud apart from competing music streaming services is its ability to allow users to download music. That’s why SoundCloud has become a go-to service for underground/indie musicians, just like Bandcamp. As with other music streaming services, SoundCloud lets you follow artists (so you can stay up to date with their new releases) and like tracks (so you can quickly find them in your library).

gang camp

Bandcamp is a great way to get your music heard, make money from it, and reach a loyal following. The only major downside to Bandcamp is that it offers so many tools for artists that you can go months without discovering them all. We’ve done our best to cover the most important ones here.

If you’re already convinced to open a Bandcamp for Artists account, don’t worry; you can have a fan account and an artist account operated from the same login. This way, you can participate in sharing and discovering music, as well as promoting and selling your music.


The Spinrilla app is very well designed and although the functionality is somewhat minimal, the developer has managed to achieve a really neat finish with the way the album covers are displayed in the different sections of this Spinrilla mixer app.

This is a must-have app for the hip-hop lovers among you, offering the latest and greatest mixtapes along with unique new releases and the ability to preview some of the upcoming mixtapes so you can check them out. as soon as they leave.


ReverbNation is a traction platform that aims to help artists win in the music industry. Artists who want to subscribe can embed their songs, logos and album covers to reach fans. There are also paid plans for bands and solo artists who want to use this website for more opportunities.

Reverb Nation has a consumer rating of 1.74 stars out of 119 reviews. Unfortunately, this indicates that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their services. This does not mean that the whole experience is negative; it may seem so. It’s always worth investigating and trying for yourself.


NoiseTrade Music helps artists and record labels connect with fans in a meaningful way by exchanging free music through email addresses and zip codes. Lead with great content, no smoke and mirrors. There’s no better way to build your tribe than to let the music speak for itself.

Noisetrade is only available as a website platform and does not yet have apps for iOS or Android. Also, the website is ad-supported, which may not be a problem if you are just browsing to find and download an mp3 song. There is no doubt that musicians have a lot of reach and visibility thanks to Noisetrade.

amazon music

Amazon Music Unlimited is compatible with smartphones and tablets through its Android and iOS apps; PC and Mac through its web player or desktop app; Fire tablets and Fire TVs; certain car entertainment systems; wireless multi-room speakers from Sonos; Bluesound and NAD BluOS devices.

Amazon says there are over 70 million songs available on its service, and the Music Unlimited homepage tells you about new releases, “popular” and recommended music and playlists. Amazon Music Unlimited won’t look or feel strange to anyone who’s ever used a streaming service, or even a shopping website.

Last FM is flawed, no doubt. The service has gone from a solid music streaming service to a beta version that lacks several basic features. If the scrobbling and event information sounds intriguing, try, but don’t expect to stick around for long., now powered by Spotify (more info below), specializes in suggesting music recommendations using a free “scrobbler” music player plugin that sends information to about songs you listen to. In a nutshell, taps into iTunes, Windows Media Player, and other desktop and mobile apps to find out which songs you like and suggest related matches.

the internet archive

Internet Archive includes a prominent search feature on the home page. You will also see a changing list of top collections. To find something, add your search term in the appropriate box, then click Go. You can also restrict your search to content and sections.

Impressive in itself is the ever-expanding audio collection. You’ll find an archive of live music as well as podcasts, iconic radio shows, 78 RPM and more. Special collections include those focused on The Grateful Dead, LibriVox’s free audiobook collection, and others.

Beat Stars

Beatstars is a popular online digital marketplace, hosting service and beat rental platform designed for recording artists, songwriters, producers and beat makers to license their musical work to artists around the world. The main thing Beatstars helps you do well is sell beats. With an extensive network of distributors, Beatstars will empower and control how you sell beats and how much money you need to make.

Non-exclusive licenses work so that producers are not limited to licensing a single artist. This is advantageous because you never know how the beat will work with an artist. Instead, with the non-exclusive license, you can sell the same beats to as many people as you want. This means you could sell the same beat repeatedly.


Audiomack is a music streaming platform that allows users to stream music on demand based on artists and genres. It is a platform for artists to share their music and for fans to discover and download songs and albums. The mobile app allows users to choose a favorite song snippet and create their own mini music video and share it on social media platforms.

Discover new catchy songs by browsing our trending page and get the latest music updates by following your favorite artists. Stream, download, offline, playlist and listen to new music WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION without using your data. Browse our library of curated playlists and find beats to suit your mood.

Final Words: Best Free Music Download Sites to Download Songs

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