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If you’ve opened this page looking for something amazing about the aura of anime, the much talked about series Platinum End is right around the corner. But have you ever thought why anime is always at your service to satisfy you? Instead of exploring the limitless paradise of leisure, why does anime always show up and take the top spot according to your preference? If you haven’t thought of this before, let me help you understand the most gripping aspects of anime that completely consume you in the first place. The only reason is that it gives you absolute freedom to fly with your fancy. It allows you to expand your world of imagination beyond the limits of life.

Along with this, the anime always entices the deepest desires of your unlimited imagination with its successful execution. There is no feeling of being judged, threatened and embraced by the magnetism of the anime world. So get ready once again to fly with the flow again in the phenomenal outskirts of the Platinum End animated series with the bbfly funimation downloader, so you can continue your flight as long as you want without any dependencies, limitations and limits. So, it’s time to start your journey with your favorite anime series while exploring the most striking facets of it through this article.

Series Name… Ending Platinum (2021)

  • Score: 6.8/10
  • Genre: Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Action, Thriller
  • Directed by: Kazuchika Kise and Hideya Takahashi
  • Produced by: Ryôsuke Hagiwara, Masashi Ito, Takumi Ito and others.
  • Actors: Miyu Irino, Yui Ogura, Kaito Ishikawa and others


There is a boy who gave up all hope and desire to live his life and became depressed from being abused by his current family. One day he encountered a situation of salvation with the help of a guardian angel and his life started flowing into completely different dimensions where he is heading on a journey to become the next God by competing with other contestants ruthless who can go anywhere. violence to win the rivalry. However, the boy wants to do it with non-violence.


The story had started with a young high school student named Mirai Kakehashi who lived with his aunt and uncle after the death of his parents. Having a life of an orphan he was extremely abused by his aunt and uncle and once he got past his tolerance level he attempted to kill himself but was saved by the caretaker Angele named Nasse who also informed Mirai that her aunt and uncle had caused her parents’ deaths out of envy. and hatred towards his parents. Meanwhile, Mirai was blessed with a superpower given by Nasse and he wanted to use this power against his current family to get justice for his parents’ death. When the story gradually moved with the flow, suddenly Mirai was informed by Nasse that God would be retiring in 999 days and 13 candidates were selected for the contest to replace him. Mirai is one of the contestants who also had to strategize to win the competition. But Mirai was challenged to know that the contestants could take any brutal action to win the battle and they could kill other contestants without thinking. Now Mirai decided to fight with non-violence and he didn’t want to kill any of his opponent candidates. And to achieve his goal successfully, he allied himself with candidates who also shared the same intention as Mirai. Now the rest, I’ll let you dig the story on your own to reach the Mirai’s destination with him while enjoying the constant support of bbfly funimation downloader.

The striking blow of history

Being one of the best-selling stories, this anime series is packed with everything you need in comprehensive entertaining content. From heartbreaking emotion to daring acting, this story will meet your expectations in all its dimensions. Now, the most striking twist in this story is the main character’s transition from his hopeless and helpless life-threatening situation to becoming a worrier. The unpredictable twists and turns of this story will always keep you hooked on this saga until its end. Another most fascinating facet of this series is that it would be extremely motivating and inspiring content to watch. It will leave you with the most positive learning lessons of your life. It will take you on a journey of failure to achieve immeasurable success on your terms and conditions without compromising with your situations or challenges. So you just can’t afford to miss the mystery of this series to solve it in your comfort funimation offline viewing with the most flexible monitoring of bb fly funimation downloader.

Our opinion

The phenomenal success of this story has already marked its periphery. But this time you have to add to this saga in your offline watch world with the ultimate benefits of offline viewing funimation. This drama is perfect for all age audiences and the high and low course of this story also instantly resonates with you. This saga would always bring you warmth, peace, hope and satisfaction every time you watch it with the bbfly funimation downloader. So, there’s a big thumbs up from our side and this series is definitely waiting to have one from your side.

Download Platinum End: with funimation downloader bbfly

I know you are in a rush to watch this series as soon as possible but wait a second, where and when are you going to watch it? If you need to plan accordingly, have you ever thought about why you need to plan and why don’t you watch it anytime and anywhere on any of your favorite devices? Now, if you think that’s not possible with your online watch, why don’t you change the mode of your streaming platform from online to offline with the most economical and user-friendly technology of bbfly funimation downloader without compromising any feature of your observation.

There is no longer a need to be dependent or limited to your online viewing. It’s time to fly with the freedom and flexibility of offline viewing funimation. So when you know what you need to do to explore the world of unlimited fun and entertainment, it’s time to focus on how to do it. So, take your first step to analyze the functions and facilities of the bbfly funimation downloader and gradually move to its final stages to have your tailor-made offline gallery.


  • You don’t have to compromise on the image clarity of your funimation offline viewing, with the selected resolution from 720p to 1080p.
  • Option to skip ads while downloading to save time.
  • Batch Download offers the fastest downloading of the longest videos in the shortest time with all its seasons and episodes.
  • Record multiple videos simultaneously one after another in one go.
  • All language subtitles and metadata would be easily saved while downloading videos for comfortable use funimation offline viewing.
  • The option to save your download as MP4 file format would be compatible with any of your devices.
  • You can also choose your favorite audio channel for your download.

Now when you are done with the feature, start with the step by step process of how to download episodes on funimation given below.

Step 1

Install it bbfly funimation downloader from its official website for free. After that, you need to select the “Funimation” in the “Streaming Service” through the main interface.

2nd step

Start searching for videos to download through the built-in browsing feature of this downloader.

Step 3

In the end, finally, all you have to do is click on the “Download Now” option.

Now you are ready with your downloads to explore the most exciting offline viewing funimation. But there is still the full and final step needed to choose the most user-friendly subscription plan which starts at $19.9 per month and $59.9 per year with full 24/7 customer support and a money back guarantee of 14 days.

So if you can’t afford to miss infectious content from the anime world, you shouldn’t ignore the consistent consent of the funimation offline viewing with the customizable component of the bbfly funimation downloader. Once you begin to explore your connection to the bbfly funimation downloader, you would come to realize what you have missed so far. Your only conscious step towards the bbfly funimation downloader would open countless chances to the creative world of your hobbies.

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