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The Softpop SP2 Synthesizer is upgraded to a digital oscillator with a host of additional waveforms, features, and great stability.

Softpop SP2

The SP2 is a radical little synthesizer full of unconventional voices. It combines unconventional digital control with an analog modular synth. A digital brain running an analog heart or something. The result is something beautifully chaotic, musical and inspired.

digital oscillator

In a new firmware update, Bastl has somehow managed to add a full digital oscillator. The original analog triangle core oscillator still exists, but now you have a digital alternative that can then run through the rest of the analog architecture. The new oscillator comes with 8 digital waveforms, detuning and wave shaping, which massively expands the tonal possibilities of Softpops.

The digital character of the oscillator also brings greatly improved tuning accuracy and stability – something that was perhaps lacking in the original version.

Softpop SP2

Softpop SP2

Firmware updates

There are also other improvements. The new firmware brings envelope gate probability, sequence pitch update only to active gates, a fader fine tuning mode and the CV output mode now has pitch tracking. The MIDI implementation has been extended, so things like MIDI notes trigger envelope, transposition, and MIDI clock. There are all sorts of CC control possibilities, like the FX being controlled by MIDI notes.

This upgrade drastically changes the sound range of the Softpop SP2, giving it much more color, tone and character. The update is free for all users.


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Bastl Softpop SP2

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