Authentic Stories of Love, Heartbreak, and Life’s Many Instruments – Hip-Hop Finds a Unique Voice with JeRk


Offering a Variety of Flows and Cadences, JeRk’s New Album “Ramblings of A MadMan” Sparks Crucial and Meaningful Conversations

ELMIRA, NEW YORK, USA, September 14, 2022 / — A phenomenal talent in hip-hop, singer-songwriter JeRk is quickly garnering streams with his latest album, ‘Ramblings of A MadMan “. Straight from the heart, the new album uses JeRk’s inventiveness and emotional appeal to sparkle audiences.

From enigmatic artwork, smooth and sonically seductive production, to magnetizing writing, JerK’s new release has it all. “Ramblings of A MadMan” is a collection of singles that tell stories inspired by the artist’s compelling life experiences.

An encouraging Hip Hop production, the album was unveiled to the public on September 2, 2022 and has since been racking up an increasing number of streams. With tracks such as “Picture Perfect”, “Doctor”, “Top Floor”, “Blue Bills” and “Crash”, JeRk presents a heady mix of beats against the smooth flow of his rapping verses.

“Ramblings of A MadMan” features several contemporary artists in the genre, including [email protected], MBK Richy, and JPari, who perfectly complement JeRk’s style and music.

“When people listen to my music, they hear a variety of flows and cadences. Love songs, heartbreaks and street rap. And it makes them feel like they’re not so alone…I give my fans a glimpse of my life,” JeRk says of his music and its effect on listeners.

With his exciting new drop, JeRk is driven to enter new avenues of success. His musical style remains captivating and through his effortless storytelling prowess, the artist continues to enthrall audiences with a range of immersive life stories.

JeRk’s motivations are to be successful in the music business and to be able to support his family through his art. He hopes to continue making great music and progressing successfully with each new release. The artist’s plan is to increase his performance list this year and keep trying to spread his sound to more listeners.

Stream JeRk’s stunning new album, “Ramblings of A MadMan”, on his official music platforms, and follow the artist on social media for updates on new music! For interviews, reviews and / or collaborations, do not hesitate to contact the artist’s email.



JeRk is a talented Hip Hop artist who has been making music for over four years. Hailing from Elmira, New York, the rising prodigy has gone from recording in the studio to now doing all the recording and vocal engineering on his tracks independently.

Describing himself as a “funny, kind and generous person”, JeRk believes that everyone is the same and that “the only time we should look down on someone is to help them up”. Inspired by the brilliant work of Ryan Montbleau, Millyz, Jake Daniels and Capion The Great, JeRk creates an incredible musical legacy.



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TOP FLOOR – JeRk ft MBK Richy

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