5 tools to inspire creativity in children

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Music is a universal language that can be shared between generations. Children are exposed to music from an early age through gentle bedtime lullabies and fun songs with Bert and Ernie. Music stimulates their imagination and AIDS their growth in a way that nothing else can and is crucial to their development. When the music plays, the children dance. It helps their growing bodies connect with their inquisitive minds while improving their motor skills. Not to mention that it makes them happy!

We have compiled a list of instruments suitable for children. Some are for very young children while others require more advanced fine motor skills, but no matter the age or the instrument, the music will bring the room to life and fill it with warmth and sound.

Sharing music with your kids helps them bond with you, let their creativity shine, and get their little bodies moving. There are so many benefits to something that is already so enjoyable, so it’s a win-win! Whether you start with just one instrument or use enough to form your own family band, the memories you create together will set a song in your heart.

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