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A considerable amount of varied content: educational videos, technical reviews, green screen effects for video blogs, training sessions and relaxing meditations after, literally everything can be found on Youtube.

This is why Youtube remains one of the most popular sites on our vast Internet. And if you are an active Youtube user, you definitely felt the need for a high quality video downloader.

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What if you are looking for the best Youtube video downloader in 2022 that you would like to explore? Let’s take a look at some popular downloaders which can be very handy and allow you to easily download videos from any website.

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The first in our selection is a professional video downloader for Mac users – Downie. Let’s take a look at some of the features that might come in handy.

Downie gives us the ability to download a video from any website and edit it in any format.

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Imagine while watching a video on Facebook or Instagram that you liked a track and want to use it in your future project, you just need to drag and drop the link into the video downloader and it will do the rest.

Currently Downie supports over 1000 different sites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Bili Bili.
However, what if you need audio for the common growl of the brush-tailed opossum for your biology project? And the Biology Scientists website is the only place you can find it. Simply write to technical support, who will review your proposal within 24 hours and if the site meets the requirements, they will add it to the list.

Also, we tried to install the extension in Safari and a download button appeared next to the address bar. So when you click on it while watching a streaming video, it will start downloading automatically.

Downie offers browser extensions for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Downie supports HD video on Youtube and other sites, up to 4K or 1080p if available, you can select the quality or limit it specifically.
So if you don’t need 4K or 1080p video, you can lower the resolution in case you are worried about how much space the video will take up on your computer. Another special feature of Downie is the post-processing of videos uploaded in different formats.
A video podcast from your favorite blogger can be made into an MP3 and listened to on your iTunes while you commute to work.

If you are a Mac user and looking for one of the advanced internet video downloaders, Pulltube could be a good alternative.

The software interface is not very intuitive and can be a hassle for beginners. So we took apart a few features and realized what makes it unique.

With support for downloading from 1000+ sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youku, Bandcam, you won’t be surprised. But what about the ability to trim your video and audio right in the app?

Let’s say you watched 1:30 of Apple’s 2022 presentation and you’re curious about the new Apple Watch Series 8 and want to share it with your friends to discuss.
Slicing mode allows you to edit the desired part without using third-party software.
Or trim video with timecode.

Remember that most high resolution YouTube videos are now stored in WebM format. There is a format selection option in Pulltube.

The ability to download videos with subtitles or download subtitles separately has become a real boon for those working in the media industry or polyglots.
Once you get a link to your video with Pulltube, click the CC button in the lower left corner and set the app to download the subtitles.

You can customize Pulltube according to your needs, choose keyboard shortcuts and gestures, configure extensions for your browser, save the visible frame as a thumbnail, etc. There is no limit to the number of useful features of Pulltube.

final thoughts

Whether you frequently download videos, work with video content, or just want to enjoy high-quality videos without annoying ads, there are plenty of advanced programs to help you do that.

We highly recommend trying Downie and Pulltube, both available for FREE on the Setapp website, if you’re still in doubt. This way, you can get an idea of ​​the capabilities of the app and see what it can do.

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