10-year-old Venezuelan boy plays up to 4 instruments



Elier Gonzaled Ydrogo plays the ukele. He hopes to play in an orchestra one day. – PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI

Eiler Santiago Gonzalez Ydrogo is a ten-year-old Venezuelan boy who has been touched by music for half of his life and considers it to be the stronghold of his family.

Son of a music teacher Elier Gonzalez and a nurse Lisbeth Ydrogo, Eiler devotes his free time to learning everything related to the art of music.

He and his parents came to TT for three years, from the city of Tucupita, in the Venezuelan state of Delta Amacuro.

Eiler Gonzalez Ydrogo plays keyboards at his home in Curepe. – PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI

Eiler remembers with sadness the difficult times he experienced in his country because of the economic crisis, but at the same time with joy because music was his space to relax and learn.

“My father was a music teacher at a school in Tucupita. With him I learned how beautiful the instruments are and how precious it is to have one at home, ”said Eiler.

At the age of five, Eiler began to practice the recorder, then the clarinet, guided by his father. Then he turned to the piano, and his last instrument was the ukulele.

“The sounds of each instrument are exciting, so I would love to learn more every day, play them all and one day be able to be part of a symphony orchestra,” says Eiler.

He is currently studying at UNHCR’s Equal Place education system for Venezuelan migrant children, while like all his friends, he awaits the chance to enter the local education system.

“I would like to study in a school here, learn more English, the TT culture and be able to bring my talent to this country,” he said.

Eiler lives in Curepe, with his parents, younger sister and other family members.

Eiler Gonzalez Ydrogo practices the recorder at his home in Curepe. The ten-year-old plays several instruments including the piano and the ukulele. – PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI

“Every day I wake up and run to one of my instruments. I play for a while while my sister listens to me – it makes me very happy.

With his father, he is part of the choir of the Cathedral Church of Christian Excellence (CCE) of Curepe.

“I thank TT because it opened the doors for me and my family. Here we can live, learn another language and above all try to be happy,” said Eiler.

Her parents are currently engaged in informal commerce, holding temporary jobs while Eiler takes her virtual lessons.

“Eiler is a happy boy. He always wants to learn things, he asks and always tries to help around the house, and I believe music is part of that development as a good person and man,” his father said. .

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