10 Stranger Things Cast Members Who Play Instruments And Where To Hear Them Play

Season 4 of stranger things ended just over a month ago with one of the most epic musical performances ever, thanks to Eddie Munson’s “Master of Puppets” guitar playing in the Upside Down. The scene prompted many fans to dig into actor Joseph Quinn’s background to determine if he actually played guitar in the masterful scene – and he was (per The Independent).

Turns out newcomer Joseph Quinn isn’t the only member of the stranger things cast with musical talent. Several of the younger cast members play instruments ranging from their vocal talents to instruments like guitars and drums. In fact, many of the cast members have been in bands over the years, in a variety of musical styles.


ten Caleb McLaughlin – Sings

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Caleb McLaughlin plays fan favorite Lucas Sinclair on Strange things. While her character has dabbled in the world of sports, McLaughlin is much more into music than sports.

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It’s no surprise that McLaughlin can sing, considering he made his Broadway debut playing Young Simba in The Lion King. Now McLaughlin is trading his show tunes for R&B. He recently released his second single, “Soul Travel”, in May 2022. In an interview with Complexhe said music was his true calling.

9 Charlie Heaton – Plays drums

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Charlie Heaton got his big acting break in 2016 when he was cast as Jonathan Byers in Strange things. Like her character, Heaton has always enjoyed art and music in a deeper way than most.

While some might think his British accent is the most surprising thing about Heaton, it’s actually the fact that he’s had quite a successful career as a drummer. He joined the “noise-rock” group Comanechi, with which he recorded and toured. After leaving that band, he joined a psychedelic band called Half Loon where he again played drums.

8 Finn Wolfhard – Plays Guitar and Vocalist

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Finn Wolfhard became quite an impactful actor after landing the role of Mike Wheeler in Strange things. If Wolfhard is busy in front of the camera and directing his first feature film, the young artist is also gifted in the music department.

In 2017, he helped form Canadian indie rock band Calpurnia, where he served as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Wolfhard also helped write several of the band’s songs. When they disbanded, Wolfhard started a new band, The Aubreys, with one of his old bandmates. The group released their first LP in November 2021.

seven Gaten Matarazzo – Plays the piano and sings

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While Gaten Matarazzo has become a household name thanks to his role as Dustin Henderson in strange things, Matarazzo was actually already a successful working actor. Like some of her partners, the young star got her start on Broadway, appearing in musicals Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Godspell, and Wretched.

While there is no doubt that Matarazzo is a talented singer, he is also a gifted pianist. Fans can spot Matarazzo’s piano in the Paramount+ movie Honor society. He also briefly joined the band Work in Progress, although they never released any original music. Although fans might be more familiar with Matarazzo’s vocals due to the epic “Never Ending Story” musical number in Season 3 of Stranger Things.

6 Jamie Campbell Bower – Plays guitar and sings

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Jamie Campbell Bower rose to fame in the 2010s by appearing in several movie franchises like The Twilight Saga andThe Mortal Instruments: City of Darkness. He returned to his fantastic routes this year playing Hencry Creel/001/Vecna ​​in Strange things.

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While fans have been following his acting career for years, many may not know that Bower spent five years as the frontman of London band Counterfeit. He was the vocalist and guitarist of the band who released a full album and 3 EPs during their tenure.

5 Joe Keery – Plays guitar, drums and sings

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Joe Keery is best known for playing Steve Harrington, aka one of the best stranger things characters of all time. Keery is not only a gifted actor, who has lent his talents to several comedy and horror films, but he is also a gifted musician.

He started releasing music under the name “Cool Cool Cool” before joining the band Post Animals as guitarist and drummer. While his acting commitment forced him to quit Post Animal, Keerry is releasing music again under the stage name Djo. He recently performed at Lollapolloza and is about to release his second album.

4 Joseph Quinn – Plays Guitar

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While Joseph Quinn had several roles on British TV shows, the British actor was launched to international stardom after appearing in stranger things as Eddie Munson – one of Season 4’s bravest new characters.

Although Quinn has not formed an official band, he is a talented guitarist, as proven by his performance in stranger things season 4, volume 2. The popularity of the scene led Quinn to meet Metalicca backstage at Lollapolloza where he got the chance to perform with the band on his brand new guitar.

3 Maya Hawke – Plays guitar and sings

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Maya Hawke has joined the cast of stranger things during Season 3 where she originated the role of Robin Buckley. As the daughter of two successful actors, it’s no surprise the acting bug hit Hawke. However, Hawke is also interested in music.

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Fans learned in 2019 that the young actress is a talented singer and guitarist with a passion for folk music. In August 2020, Hawke released his debut album To blush. She is now gearing up to release her second album later this month and has already released a single from the album.

2 Sadie Sink – Sings

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Sadie Sink may not have been part of the first season’s cast, but her character Max Mayfield quickly became a fan favorite and a devoted member of “The Party.” Like some of her young partners, Sink got her start on Broadway.

Most notably, Sink starred in the 2012-2013 series of Anne on Broadway in the lead role. Although Sink hasn’t recorded any original music on her own, her singing skills stand out given her performance as an orphaned redhead.

1 Shannon Purser – Plays piano and sings

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Shannon Purser may not have had a lot of screen time in strange things, but the actress managed to make a strong impression in the role of Barbara Holland. Since then, Purser has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including the Netflix romantic comedy. Sierra Burgess is a loser.

Although acting is Purser’s passion, she is also a gifted pianist, singer and songwriter. His talents can be heard on the Sierra Burgess is a loser soundtrack and in the film where she performs the original song “Sunflower”. Purser also released a single in 2019 called “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”.

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