Press reviews

Giulia Valle Group

"...There´s a Hadenish quality to the playing... the group sound is quite distinctive. Catch up with her, Valle´s going to be a star”

Brian Morton | Jazz Journal - London

"Valle Giulia is pure passion on the strings and maximum intensity in composition, highlighting the strength of her live staging, her capacity for transmitting energy, and her unique ability to combine a wide range of music codes"

Pere Pons | Avui/El Punt - Barcelona

"Extraordinaria como contrabajista y como compositora. Giulia Valle ha alcanzado un intenso, único y extremadamete rico universo musical."

Borja Duñó | Time Out Magazine - Barcelona

"Deep, evocative and timeless, Giulia Valle handles all Jazz languages beyond all limits, mixing vertigo and seduction"

Pere Pons | Avui/El Punt - Barcelona

"One of the most consistent bands in the country. Intensity and emotion on a unique voice. This is the reason we have to surrender to the quintet led by bassist Giulia Valle."

Roger Roca - Barcelona

"An extraordinary work that mixes emotions in a very colourful way... this band and his musicans trajectories should be followed very carefully"

N.Pollastri | All about Jazz - Italy

"Here's an excellent example of a quintet speaking as one voice."

Farrell Lowe | All about Jazz - US

"Valle Giulia is, today, one of the most promising and interesting emerging artists from the European scene"

Revista Enderrock - Barcelona

"We are in front of one of the most significative works ever issued around here."

Karles Torra | La Vanguardia - Barcelona

"Nowadays, European Jazz scene will have to count on Giulia Valle's talent."

Jacques Denis | Jazz Magasine - France


"Giulia Valle’s 'Libera' is a project that transcends all stylistic corsets and is able to bring you in only one track, the folk cadence of marching band, a fanfare, a mariachi, and then it can fly free over the premises of a psychedelic flashed free-jazz sound. Great music."!

Ramon Súrio | La Vanguardia - Barcelona

"As time goes by, Giulia has become an artist that goes far beyond her role of jazzwoman and is has established herself as a composer that ignores any stylistic boundaries."

Esteban Linés | La vanguardia - Barcelona