Giulia Valle

A composer and bass player from Barcelona. Currently leading: Giulia Valle Group, 'Líbera' and Giulia Valle Trios.

Giulia Valle Group

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One of the most consistent bands in the country. Intensity and emotion on a unique voice. This is the reason we have to surrender to the quintet led by bassist Giulia Valle.

Roger Roca - Barcelona

Giulia Valle´s quintet is, currently, one of the greatest international bands of Spain.Her music shows a large range of emotions sound, full of nuances, an imaginative jazz, unpredictable and powerful; fed by a strong rhythm section and two front-line soloists.

New record 'Giulia Valle Group - Live'
Recording live at the Jamboree Jazz-Club de Barcelona.


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Giulia Valle’s 'Libera' is a project that transcends all stylistic corsets and is able to bring you in only one track, the folk cadence of marching band, a fanfare, a mariachi, and then it can fly free over the premises of a psychedelic flashed free-jazz sound. Great music.

Ramon Súrio | La Vanguardia - Bcn

Líbera is the new project by acclaimed double bass player, writer & band leader Giulia Valle.
With the help of 6 top musicians, Líbera is Giulia’s new vehicle for the exploration of some of the hottest & newest sounds around.
A solid project, with astonishing music skills and an incredible live set.