Giulia Valle, composer and Bass Player. Sanremo (Italy) 1972.
Grown up in Barcelona, with Classical and modern background, Giulia Valle is nowadays considered as a very special & unique voice of contemporary Jazz scene.

She has formed herself in music in Barcelona, in Paris and NYC and has worked and shared experience with musicians such as John Mc Neil, Guillermo Klein, Mayte Martín, Bill McHenry, Jason Lindner or Antonio Canales among many others.


As a leader

2004 – “Colorista” (Fresh Sound records), amb Giulia valle Group.
2007 – “Danza Imprevista” (F.S. Records), amb Giulia Valle Group.
2008 – “Enchanted House” (F.S Records), amb Giulia valle Trio (Jason Lindner i Marc Ayza).
2010 – “Berenice” (F.S records), amb Giulia Valle Group
2012 – “Live” (F.S records), amb Giulia valle group.

*She is now preparing a new record with her new project: ‘Líbera’, a septet including trumpet, flute,voice, accordion, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar, vibes,bass and drums.

As a Co-Leader

2001 – “Micamale” (F.S records), with Dani Perez and Benet Palet.
2001 – “1,2,3 etc” (F.S records), with Jason lindne and Marc Ayza.
2003 – “This way Out” (Omnitone Records), with John Mc Neil.
2003 – “Happy” (FS records), with Bill Mc Henry and Joe Smith.
2008 – “We sing Bill evans” (F.S records), with Joan diaz and Silvia Perez.

As a Side-Woman

2006 – “Apnea” (Fs records) by Laia Cagigal.
2007 – “Pandilleros” by Fundación Tony Manero.
2007 – “Desglaç”, by Miguel Poveda.
2009 – “El museo vacío” de Pablo selnik.
2009 – “Maitía”, by David Mengual.

Won awards

2006 & 2007 – Composer of the year, by the Catalan Musician’s Association (AMJM)
2007 – “Giulia Valle Group” as Band of the Year (AMJM)
2009 – Composer of the year (AMJM)
2009 – Award from the Enderrock magasine -special jury award- for the record: “We sing Bill Evans”.
2010 – Award from the “Altaveu Festival” for the artistic trajectory.
2010 – Composer of the Year (AMJM).
2010 – “Giulia Valle Group”, band of the Year (AQMJ).

During the Last 4 years, she has been performing with the Giulia Valle Group visiting many international festivals and clubs, and earning both public & specialized press applauses.
Last performances
Press reviews

Giulia Has also Recorded several shows for local Catalan Television, with the quintet she leads as well as with her new band ‘Líbera’.

Giulia Valle also teaches bass and combo at the escola de Música de Badalona and at the Escola superior de Música de Catalunya.